30 weeks and 4 days along

As much as I am excited to meet my precious miracle girl, I am also nervous as a FTM. It’s been a little hard emotionally not being home to nest and to get ready for our little girl’s arrival.  I have days where I am really down about being away from my husband and  home during this precious time. We know its the right decision having me give birth in Boston and not chancing Zika Virus in Florida but it is by no means easy.

Can we also talk about some of the nitty gritty stuff like losing bladder control… This has unfortunately been happening to me this past week as my sweet girl likes to sit very low and on my bladder.  My sister recommended POISE pads and said this happens to most during the last trimester. Waddling when I walk is another new symptom again due to her sitting so low, it makes it uncomfortable so I am slow and walk like a duck. She also loves only my right side and loves to kick and wiggle around a lot and I LOVE EVERY MOVEMENT! I have definitely gotten bigger and more uncomfortable to find a comfortable position to sit or lay down. I might just have to resign to purchasing one of those maternity pillows everyone keeps talking about! Other than that I guess the only other symptom is not being able to breath out of my nose very well especially when I sleep on my side.  I did end up trying the Breathing Strips and they do help out at night.

On a lighter note, my sister and mother have been planning a baby shower for me on the 4th of December and we already have 19 yeses. It such a blessing to have such a close and loving family that are always willing to help out and celebrate with you when you need them.  We also have our Breast Feeding class on the 7th and Labor and Delivery Class on 10th of December which I am looking forward too.  Then we have a pre-Christmas celebration with my husbands Swiss family from the 15th-19th and then real christmas on the 25th…December is a busy month!

Oh and I have some strangers ask me how far along I am which means for the first time people are noticing that I am pregnant!  It’s a very strange thing after TTC for so many years and now having people in the public notice and comment on my current state.  In the end I always walk away smiling but when they ask I get filled with emotion like I might burst out in tears.  Infertility never leaves you..

4 thoughts on “30 weeks and 4 days along

  1. "I Got My Period" says:

    Lovely post to read!! Wishing you all the best 😃 for a smooth delivery. I have a pregnancy pillow and helps A LOT so I recommend! Also I have a constant stuffy nose and rinsing with a Netipot with some salt and filtered water at night really clears my nose. Unfortunately it comes back in the morning but really helps and sleep! Enjoy the last week or so of pregnancy xx

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