28 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl and living in the cold

Yikes, it has been quite some time since my last update! So we drove up north on vacation and during our stay we decided it was best for me to stay up here and have the baby in Boston.  So I have been living out of a suitcase bouncing from parents to in-laws homes with my two fur babies since August. It has been really hard being away from my husband and not being in my own home. Our two fur babies have been giving my a lot of love and many cuddles..I always think they are trying to incubate the baby. They also are abscessed with all of the little critters up here, chipmunks and squirrels are the two favorites.

I can say how amazing it has been to be going to see Dr.’s in Boston, it was a cinch to get in with a MFM OB that delivers babies and they have been scanning me every two weeks to check my cervix due to the Marfan’s Syndrome. So far me and our little Miracle Baby O are healthy and doing great.  She is currently breeched and loves hanging out on my right side and kicking my bladder daily.  Yesterdays scan showed her head nestled up in my ribs with her face smooched near the placenta. They also did the glucose 1hr test and administered my RH shot.

The belly is starting to show more and more each day, I am over 6′ tall so I guess I always knew I would not have a nice big round belly. But at least it does not look like a beer gut anymore. I love wearing Old Navy Maternity dresses, wish they where a bit thicker for the cooler months. After living in a warmer climate for so many years, I really dislike being cold!

I  sign-up for a birthing class and a breast feeding class for December as they like you to be 32 weeks or further along to go. My sister is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and she mentioned that it is really good to go so I am taking her advise and going.  It’s been really handy talking to her about all of my doctors visits and getting the inside scoop as she used to work at the same hospital, plus her good friend is my Doctor!

My sister, mother and sister-in-law are planning a baby shower for December 4th which is also very exciting! This means that most of my family and my husbands can join us as they all live up this way!  Our friends in Florida are also going to through us a little sprinkle once we get back down that way, I feel so lucky to have such loving friends and family! If you have any recommendations of what to add to the registry, I am all ears! There are SO many different products for babies, my head spins!

My mother-in-law has been great, she purchased a beautiful Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller (pram) which has a bassinet included (handy for our time up in Boston). She also wanted to purchase a layette with lots of adorable Kissy Kissy gowns (I’m now in love with Pima Cotton) , one-piece outfits and onesies. This is her first grand baby and she is REALLY excited!

We did end up choosing a crib from Kalon Studios called the Caravan Crib which should arrive at the end of December.  It was a little more pricey than we had planned to pay but it’s 100% eco friendly and turns into a cot when the baby gets older. We like the idea of it becoming a useful piece of furniture after we are finished with its crib stage.  We are also looking into getting a dresser for the changing table and a chair for breast feeding, reading and cuddles.

It’s hard to plan the nursery as we are living in a one bedroom apartment until May and will then move into something larger. So from February until May She will be sleeping in our bedroom most likely in the bassinet until we move. I did purchase a large grey sheepskin rug awhile back which I thought would be cute in a nursery. I have been leaning towards a grey and light pink theme but don’t want it to be overly girly but who knows how it will end up!


7 thoughts on “28 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl and living in the cold

  1. Nara says:

    Looking great – you and the nursery!! I can relate to so much of this. Apart from the nice neat bump! I’m like a foot shorter than you so you can imagine how fat I am, haha! I wonder whose baby’s going to come first? We are due about the same time I think. Exciting times. Xx

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