4 Months

How exciting to be able to say that I am 4 month pregnant with a healthy baby! I had another OB checkup on Monday and she was happy with everything she checked. We are still trying to find another OB that will accept me as a patient but hopefully moving forward soon.

I did ask about flying and she was absolutely against it with my clotting history. She mentioned that driving was fine as I am in control and can make lots of stops to stretch. I am still finding it difficult to accept the fact that I am at high risk..it’s slowly sinking in when I am told absolutely no flying!

So we will be driving from Southern Florida to Cape Cod on Sunday with our two fur babies. I am beyond excited to be going to visit with friends and family!!  Plus it will be nice to get out of Zika infested Florida! We have been seriously talking about me going to live with family up north until the baby is born.  Not a pleasant thought as I want to be in my own home with my Husband and puppies. What is everyone else’s thoughts on this Zika virus hitting the US?

I also surprised my lovely hubby with a little gender reveal! I snuck out yesterday afternoon for a private scan and found out what we are having. Then I stopped by Party City to get some balloons to stuff into a box for him to open.  His reaction was priceless, we are both so excited.

We are having a….


Can I just say how much it was worth to go this private scan place! Their machine is topnotch and they give you a video of your scan  when you are done. We have now watched our DVD 3 times and are looking forward to showing family next week.

Next scan is my Level II on August 23rd and we will play dumb about knowing the gender just to see if they say the same thing!

8 thoughts on “4 Months

  1. myendofertilityjourney says:

    Oh my gosh! Congrats 🙂 I was freaking about Zika as well bc I am in Florida. I was wearing long sleeves when I would walk my dog…. Death in the humidity lol but I would apply bug spray and try not to be outside much at all. It’s tough though!!

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  2. Nara says:

    Congratulations!!! Your private scan looks awesome. My scans are quite bad! I see them when moving but then all the stills are terrible and baby just looks like a blob! 😂😂 We get a longer private scan at 22 weeks so I’m hoping for better pics then. We will probably pay for a 3D scan once I hit 24 weeks.

    Eek Zika! I would definitely want to be out of there!


  3. Marixsa says:

    Idk why I’m just now seeing this post. Congratulations, my friend, on a healthy pregnancy and having a girl! I hope your trip to Cape Cod went well (or *is* going well!).


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