Our 15th Week

What a great feeling to reach a new week, feeling very blessed to have a healthy pregnancy so far. My husband and I love using the doppler to hear the babies very strong heart beating away. My stomach is slowly getting bigger but I still think I look like I ate one too many hamburgers. I have been wearing maternity pants/shorts and I am in love with a stretch waist band. Feeling like my energy is starting to come back but its in short bursts before I feel exhausted again.  Morning sickness has pretty much gone now and I am starting to eat more of a regular diet again.

Still waiting to feel our babies first movements, hopefully soon!

Some things that have been frustrating has been trying to find an OB that will accept me as a patient.  I tried Palm Beach OB & GYN but was denied after a day of them reviewing my medical records. SO now I am giving  OBGYN Specialists of Palm Beaches a go, not sure where I will look if that does not work out.  It has been stressful as I thought I had all of my doctors lined up and now that I am pregnant I have to find someone that will take a high risk patient this far along. If anyone lives in this area has any suggestions, I would love to hear them..?

On top of all of that I have had two inconclusive Harmony tests. My MFM said that there have been some studies that show that there could be an issue if the test is inconclusive.  He also mentioned that the blood thinners could be effecting the results and not to worry to0 much.  He ran the quad test this week and the results came back this afternoon as normal (huge sigh of relief).  As for the gender, we will have to wait for our level II ultrasound at 18 weeks. So I guess we don’t have to wait too much longer.

As for shopping for the baby, I have only started making a wish list of items as we don’t know the gender and we will be moving. If I had a second bedroom I would have turned it into a nursery by now!

Hoping all of you lovely ladies are doing well through your journeys, I continue to think and pray happy thoughts for all of you.


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