Lucky 13

Where did the last week go?  My week started out with our long waited phone call about the Harmony blood screen results and…. the lab could not find enough of the babies blood in my blood sample. So it was back to the office for another blood draw which is alway fun as I do not have the best veins.

While the doctor was drawing my blood I spook to him about some spotting that I have been having, it was brown and not a lot.  He agreed to do an ultrasound and check to see how things looked.  His ultrasound machine is so much better than my OB’s so I felt very luck to be able to see our little ninja on his machine again.

It looks like the baby is still measuring a week ahead and everyone keeps commenting on the very long legs that s/he kicks like crazy with.  I guess s/he will be getting those beauties from its mamma, I am over 6′ and very leggy.

The doctor said the baby looks great and he does not see any issues and not to worry. I did also have a follow-up with my OB and she also confirmed that the baby is looking very healthy and strong.

I’ve started to allow myself to think about nursery furniture and what we might need, so I started a wish list.  If I can find some items second hand I think that will be best for us.  I don’t want to go too crazy as this might very well be our only child and the baby will only need some items for a year.

Still feeling a little nauseous at times and seem to get winded very quickly doing choirs around the house but overall feeling better.



One thought on “Lucky 13

  1. Nara says:

    Yay! You’re same as me. I haven’t had a scan since week 12 though and it’s stressing me out a bit! Another two weeks to wait! Glad your little one looks so well! X


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