12 Weeks

Last week I had my NT scan and blood work done at the MFM office. Dr. C seems very competent and friendly and I’m happy my OB referred me to his office.  He thought it was a little strange that I am still on a therapeutic dose of Lovenox and asked me to speak the Hematologist about it.  I am also being refered to a Cardiologist for an echo to check for any changes and will be monitored every trimester there after.

He did not find anything wrong during the NT scan but did ask if the tech had mentioned the sex…um no. He mentioned that he is 60% sure it is a boy which of course brought on happy tears. I of course mention this to my husband afterwards and he is jumping for joy, so stinkin’ cute.  It will be funny if the blood work comes back saying it’s a girl!!  We really do not mind if it is a girl or boy but the thought of a first born son is pretty exciting for a husband.

Here is our 11 week ultrasound of our little fella..

IMG_0210 (1)

It’s amazing how much bigger he looks from the last scan! Loved seeing him flip, kick and wiggle.

Last week I had some more brown spotting and called my OB, of course it was Friday afternoon before the 4th of July long weekend.  They wanted me in for a US but could not do one until this week.  It makes me a little nervous that they want to do check how things are going but also exciting that I will be about to see my baby again. So tomorrow morning I will be heading to Dr. B’s office. It helps having a doppler at home and being about to hear his fast heartbeat.

Other than that we are just thrilled we have made it to our 12th week! Symptoms have started to slow down which is nice, its been a rollercoaster with the nausea.



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