the big 10

Today I feel very blessed to of made it to 10 weeks, our little nugget is getting bigger and bigger. We got to see him/her kicking and wiggling around looking annoyed that it was being pushed around by the ultrasound wand. My husband and I are totally in love already…

It was emotional walking into the OB’s office, seeing other pregnant women and talking about my pregnancy like it was the most normal thing.  It was an effort to keep back the tears and to listen what the doctor had to say.

She unfortunately informed me that I am too high risk for the hospital she is affiliated with and I will need to find a doctor associated with St. Marys Hospital instead.  I appreciated her honesty but am so sad she will not be able to deliver our baby.  So this afternoon I am researching for a Maternal Fetal Doctor.  Hopefully I can find someone today and get in ASAP as I would like to have the Harmony screening and NT done within the next week if possible. And also need an appointment with a cardiologists, pulmonologist and my hemotologist during each trimester. Glad this is all happening early on so I have some time to organize everyone!

My loving sister just mentioned she has a hospital grade fetal doppler that she is sending out to me. It’s a good thing that STILL has not delivered the one that I ordered over a week ago, which will now be returned. It’s too bad she got rid off all of her maternity clothes, that would have been handy too. If we end up having a boy she mentioned she has saved some cute items from my nephew, she is so sweet!

*On a side note I’d like you all to know I am thinking about all of you ladies out there still struggling for you little bean, those with recent pregnancy announcements and some of you that have delivered your little miracles.   You are all in my heart and I pray for you that your dreams will come true and that you stay strong through your journey. Infertility never leaves you, the pain of our struggles and our past losses will weigh in our hearts forever.

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