38 weeks and 1 day

My goodness, what has been going since my last update two months ago!!

Biophysical profile @ 35.9 weeks and Strep B test:

Our little girl measured in the 82 percentile at 6 lbs 14 oz! The doctor is predicting she will be between 8 1/12 lbs to 9 lbs…little chunker.

They also noticed she has extra fluid in her kidney’s and will be keeping a close eye on it until she is born. We have been told not to worry as it can be caused by pregnancy hormones and usually resolves after birth (still had us worried).

Ahh the not so nice Strep-B swab test, I was very thankful that it was very quick and came out negative in the end. One less thing to worry about!

Biophysical 36.9 weeks:

They did a follow-up ultrasound to see what was going on with our little beans kidneys and they now say that her fluid levels are within the normal range. So good news!!  They also booked me in for a breech version.

Breech Version @ 37.1 weeks:

Our little girl was in a very comfy breeched position and my MFM Dr. wanted to wait until 37 weeks to try to turn her (its called a version).  I have to admit that I was very scared to attempt a version after what I had read online!  But in the end the doctor reassured us that she would not force anything and would stop immediately if she did not move easily.

So we agreed and went in to firstly have a NST for 20 mins then they give you some meds that make your uterus relax (which made me very shaky). Then they had me go in for an ultrasound before the doctor came in. The ultrasound tech kept the machine on my while the doctor manually turned the baby stopping here and there to check where body parts where.  It was not painful but slightly uncomfortable due to the pressure of the doctor pushing on my stomach.  After she successfully turned the baby, I went back in for an hour long NST to make sure the baby was not in any distress. It was all much easier than I thought it would have been and the doctor did mention that she did turn very easily, so it worked out for us.

38.1 week NST and Ultrasound

Today I am 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant and have definitely hit an uncomfortable stage.  My sciatica has been pretty painful for the last two weeks making it difficult to get around and get things done.  I am thankful that I am not working and that my husband is here to help out.

Our little girl passed her NST test today and it looks like she is still head down which is good news! We discussed me going in for induction next week and we have a date!

I will be admitted next Tuesday evening to have my cervix ripened either with oral drugs or with a ballon catheter and once I am dilated they will start the Pitocin to start labor.  So our little miracle baby O should be arriving sometime on Wednesday!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I guess I should pack that hospital bag now, not to say I am unorganized. I  have most of everything out and ready to be put into the bag, I just need to stick it all in and put it in the car.

I’m not completely sure I am ready or if I have everything that I will need.. only time will tell!

So grateful to have gotten this far in our journey and I am looking forward to this next step in our lives, miracles do happen.


30 weeks and 4 days along

As much as I am excited to meet my precious miracle girl, I am also nervous as a FTM. It’s been a little hard emotionally not being home to nest and to get ready for our little girl’s arrival.  I have days where I am really down about being away from my husband and  home during this precious time. We know its the right decision having me give birth in Boston and not chancing Zika Virus in Florida but it is by no means easy.

Can we also talk about some of the nitty gritty stuff like losing bladder control… This has unfortunately been happening to me this past week as my sweet girl likes to sit very low and on my bladder.  My sister recommended POISE pads and said this happens to most during the last trimester. Waddling when I walk is another new symptom again due to her sitting so low, it makes it uncomfortable so I am slow and walk like a duck. She also loves only my right side and loves to kick and wiggle around a lot and I LOVE EVERY MOVEMENT! I have definitely gotten bigger and more uncomfortable to find a comfortable position to sit or lay down. I might just have to resign to purchasing one of those maternity pillows everyone keeps talking about! Other than that I guess the only other symptom is not being able to breath out of my nose very well especially when I sleep on my side.  I did end up trying the Breathing Strips and they do help out at night.

On a lighter note, my sister and mother have been planning a baby shower for me on the 4th of December and we already have 19 yeses. It such a blessing to have such a close and loving family that are always willing to help out and celebrate with you when you need them.  We also have our Breast Feeding class on the 7th and Labor and Delivery Class on 10th of December which I am looking forward too.  Then we have a pre-Christmas celebration with my husbands Swiss family from the 15th-19th and then real christmas on the 25th…December is a busy month!

Oh and I have some strangers ask me how far along I am which means for the first time people are noticing that I am pregnant!  It’s a very strange thing after TTC for so many years and now having people in the public notice and comment on my current state.  In the end I always walk away smiling but when they ask I get filled with emotion like I might burst out in tears.  Infertility never leaves you..

28 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl and living in the cold

Yikes, it has been quite some time since my last update! So we drove up north on vacation and during our stay we decided it was best for me to stay up here and have the baby in Boston.  So I have been living out of a suitcase bouncing from parents to in-laws homes with my two fur babies since August. It has been really hard being away from my husband and not being in my own home. Our two fur babies have been giving my a lot of love and many cuddles..I always think they are trying to incubate the baby. They also are abscessed with all of the little critters up here, chipmunks and squirrels are the two favorites.

I can say how amazing it has been to be going to see Dr.’s in Boston, it was a cinch to get in with a MFM OB that delivers babies and they have been scanning me every two weeks to check my cervix due to the Marfan’s Syndrome. So far me and our little Miracle Baby O are healthy and doing great.  She is currently breeched and loves hanging out on my right side and kicking my bladder daily.  Yesterdays scan showed her head nestled up in my ribs with her face smooched near the placenta. They also did the glucose 1hr test and administered my RH shot.

The belly is starting to show more and more each day, I am over 6′ tall so I guess I always knew I would not have a nice big round belly. But at least it does not look like a beer gut anymore. I love wearing Old Navy Maternity dresses, wish they where a bit thicker for the cooler months. After living in a warmer climate for so many years, I really dislike being cold!

I  sign-up for a birthing class and a breast feeding class for December as they like you to be 32 weeks or further along to go. My sister is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and she mentioned that it is really good to go so I am taking her advise and going.  It’s been really handy talking to her about all of my doctors visits and getting the inside scoop as she used to work at the same hospital, plus her good friend is my Doctor!

My sister, mother and sister-in-law are planning a baby shower for December 4th which is also very exciting! This means that most of my family and my husbands can join us as they all live up this way!  Our friends in Florida are also going to through us a little sprinkle once we get back down that way, I feel so lucky to have such loving friends and family! If you have any recommendations of what to add to the registry, I am all ears! There are SO many different products for babies, my head spins!

My mother-in-law has been great, she purchased a beautiful Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller (pram) which has a bassinet included (handy for our time up in Boston). She also wanted to purchase a layette with lots of adorable Kissy Kissy gowns (I’m now in love with Pima Cotton) , one-piece outfits and onesies. This is her first grand baby and she is REALLY excited!

We did end up choosing a crib from Kalon Studios called the Caravan Crib which should arrive at the end of December.  It was a little more pricey than we had planned to pay but it’s 100% eco friendly and turns into a cot when the baby gets older. We like the idea of it becoming a useful piece of furniture after we are finished with its crib stage.  We are also looking into getting a dresser for the changing table and a chair for breast feeding, reading and cuddles.

It’s hard to plan the nursery as we are living in a one bedroom apartment until May and will then move into something larger. So from February until May She will be sleeping in our bedroom most likely in the bassinet until we move. I did purchase a large grey sheepskin rug awhile back which I thought would be cute in a nursery. I have been leaning towards a grey and light pink theme but don’t want it to be overly girly but who knows how it will end up!


4 Months

How exciting to be able to say that I am 4 month pregnant with a healthy baby! I had another OB checkup on Monday and she was happy with everything she checked. We are still trying to find another OB that will accept me as a patient but hopefully moving forward soon.

I did ask about flying and she was absolutely against it with my clotting history. She mentioned that driving was fine as I am in control and can make lots of stops to stretch. I am still finding it difficult to accept the fact that I am at high risk..it’s slowly sinking in when I am told absolutely no flying!

So we will be driving from Southern Florida to Cape Cod on Sunday with our two fur babies. I am beyond excited to be going to visit with friends and family!!  Plus it will be nice to get out of Zika infested Florida! We have been seriously talking about me going to live with family up north until the baby is born.  Not a pleasant thought as I want to be in my own home with my Husband and puppies. What is everyone else’s thoughts on this Zika virus hitting the US?

I also surprised my lovely hubby with a little gender reveal! I snuck out yesterday afternoon for a private scan and found out what we are having. Then I stopped by Party City to get some balloons to stuff into a box for him to open.  His reaction was priceless, we are both so excited.

We are having a….


Can I just say how much it was worth to go this private scan place! Their machine is topnotch and they give you a video of your scan  when you are done. We have now watched our DVD 3 times and are looking forward to showing family next week.

Next scan is my Level II on August 23rd and we will play dumb about knowing the gender just to see if they say the same thing!

Our 15th Week

What a great feeling to reach a new week, feeling very blessed to have a healthy pregnancy so far. My husband and I love using the doppler to hear the babies very strong heart beating away. My stomach is slowly getting bigger but I still think I look like I ate one too many hamburgers. I have been wearing maternity pants/shorts and I am in love with a stretch waist band. Feeling like my energy is starting to come back but its in short bursts before I feel exhausted again.  Morning sickness has pretty much gone now and I am starting to eat more of a regular diet again.

Still waiting to feel our babies first movements, hopefully soon!

Some things that have been frustrating has been trying to find an OB that will accept me as a patient.  I tried Palm Beach OB & GYN but was denied after a day of them reviewing my medical records. SO now I am giving  OBGYN Specialists of Palm Beaches a go, not sure where I will look if that does not work out.  It has been stressful as I thought I had all of my doctors lined up and now that I am pregnant I have to find someone that will take a high risk patient this far along. If anyone lives in this area has any suggestions, I would love to hear them..?

On top of all of that I have had two inconclusive Harmony tests. My MFM said that there have been some studies that show that there could be an issue if the test is inconclusive.  He also mentioned that the blood thinners could be effecting the results and not to worry to0 much.  He ran the quad test this week and the results came back this afternoon as normal (huge sigh of relief).  As for the gender, we will have to wait for our level II ultrasound at 18 weeks. So I guess we don’t have to wait too much longer.

As for shopping for the baby, I have only started making a wish list of items as we don’t know the gender and we will be moving. If I had a second bedroom I would have turned it into a nursery by now!

Hoping all of you lovely ladies are doing well through your journeys, I continue to think and pray happy thoughts for all of you.


Lucky 13

Where did the last week go?  My week started out with our long waited phone call about the Harmony blood screen results and…. the lab could not find enough of the babies blood in my blood sample. So it was back to the office for another blood draw which is alway fun as I do not have the best veins.

While the doctor was drawing my blood I spook to him about some spotting that I have been having, it was brown and not a lot.  He agreed to do an ultrasound and check to see how things looked.  His ultrasound machine is so much better than my OB’s so I felt very luck to be able to see our little ninja on his machine again.

It looks like the baby is still measuring a week ahead and everyone keeps commenting on the very long legs that s/he kicks like crazy with.  I guess s/he will be getting those beauties from its mamma, I am over 6′ and very leggy.

The doctor said the baby looks great and he does not see any issues and not to worry. I did also have a follow-up with my OB and she also confirmed that the baby is looking very healthy and strong.

I’ve started to allow myself to think about nursery furniture and what we might need, so I started a wish list.  If I can find some items second hand I think that will be best for us.  I don’t want to go too crazy as this might very well be our only child and the baby will only need some items for a year.

Still feeling a little nauseous at times and seem to get winded very quickly doing choirs around the house but overall feeling better.



12 Weeks

Last week I had my NT scan and blood work done at the MFM office. Dr. C seems very competent and friendly and I’m happy my OB referred me to his office.  He thought it was a little strange that I am still on a therapeutic dose of Lovenox and asked me to speak the Hematologist about it.  I am also being refered to a Cardiologist for an echo to check for any changes and will be monitored every trimester there after.

He did not find anything wrong during the NT scan but did ask if the tech had mentioned the sex…um no. He mentioned that he is 60% sure it is a boy which of course brought on happy tears. I of course mention this to my husband afterwards and he is jumping for joy, so stinkin’ cute.  It will be funny if the blood work comes back saying it’s a girl!!  We really do not mind if it is a girl or boy but the thought of a first born son is pretty exciting for a husband.

Here is our 11 week ultrasound of our little fella..

IMG_0210 (1)

It’s amazing how much bigger he looks from the last scan! Loved seeing him flip, kick and wiggle.

Last week I had some more brown spotting and called my OB, of course it was Friday afternoon before the 4th of July long weekend.  They wanted me in for a US but could not do one until this week.  It makes me a little nervous that they want to do check how things are going but also exciting that I will be about to see my baby again. So tomorrow morning I will be heading to Dr. B’s office. It helps having a doppler at home and being about to hear his fast heartbeat.

Other than that we are just thrilled we have made it to our 12th week! Symptoms have started to slow down which is nice, its been a rollercoaster with the nausea.



the big 10

Today I feel very blessed to of made it to 10 weeks, our little nugget is getting bigger and bigger. We got to see him/her kicking and wiggling around looking annoyed that it was being pushed around by the ultrasound wand. My husband and I are totally in love already…

It was emotional walking into the OB’s office, seeing other pregnant women and talking about my pregnancy like it was the most normal thing.  It was an effort to keep back the tears and to listen what the doctor had to say.

She unfortunately informed me that I am too high risk for the hospital she is affiliated with and I will need to find a doctor associated with St. Marys Hospital instead.  I appreciated her honesty but am so sad she will not be able to deliver our baby.  So this afternoon I am researching for a Maternal Fetal Doctor.  Hopefully I can find someone today and get in ASAP as I would like to have the Harmony screening and NT done within the next week if possible. And also need an appointment with a cardiologists, pulmonologist and my hemotologist during each trimester. Glad this is all happening early on so I have some time to organize everyone!

My loving sister just mentioned she has a hospital grade fetal doppler that she is sending out to me. It’s a good thing that Jet.com STILL has not delivered the one that I ordered over a week ago, which will now be returned. It’s too bad she got rid off all of her maternity clothes, that would have been handy too. If we end up having a boy she mentioned she has saved some cute items from my nephew, she is so sweet!

*On a side note I’d like you all to know I am thinking about all of you ladies out there still struggling for you little bean, those with recent pregnancy announcements and some of you that have delivered your little miracles.   You are all in my heart and I pray for you that your dreams will come true and that you stay strong through your journey. Infertility never leaves you, the pain of our struggles and our past losses will weigh in our hearts forever.

We have graduated from our RE to the OB

Today was a little bittersweet as it was my last visit to the RE’s office.  I was of course really excited to see what was going on with our little nugget. Ultrasound showed that our little guy is measuring a few days ahead at 9 weeks and the heart was beating at 180bpm which I guess is great!

My RE told me to keep in touch and to come visit throughout my pregnancy. It was sad to say goodbye as I feel we have gone through so much over the past few years. But in the same moment I am excited to able to be a little more normal and go to the OB’s office from here on out.  My 10 week ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday which will be a big milestone for my husband and myself.

Here is our latest US, looks more like a jellybean!

As far as symptoms go, I have been nauseated off and on and am still very gassy!  My nose seems to be stuffed up constantly and I have had some food aversions.  My stomach looks like I am 5 months pregnant but its just water gain and bloat!

My husband was away for 5 days and I had to do the PIO injections for the first time which was a little nerve-racking but I survived!  Our clinic only has us on the PIO injections and estrogen patches until our tenth week and I’m looking forward to know have these two drugs in my life anymore.

I’m still a bundle of nerves and hope these subside a bit after the 1st trimester!

6 weeks 6 days along

And our little nugget is growing a little bigger each day..


I have to admit that I was having doubts about this ultrasound, even though I have not bleed or had bad cramps. I guess after loss this can happen, where you start to doubt if you will ever get your little miracle. But today I was proven wrong, today i got to see our little nuggets flicker of a heartbeat and it was amazing!

It’s hard to believe I will have to wait another two weeks until I get to check-in to see what is going on inside. The doctor was very impressed that the bub is measuring only one day behind at 6w5d and that all other measurements looked great to him. He would like me to stay on the PIO injections and E2 patches until 10wks and after that I will be released to my OB for the rest of the pregnancy.

Now I would like my moodiness to go away and for the negative thoughts to follow. As far as my other symptoms go, I have had extremely itchy legs and my blood sugar levels seem to be off. My breasts don’t seem too tender anymore and I have not felt sick since last week and I am not as tired feeling as I was before.

I also have to admit that i have become an invert unsocial gal these last few weeks.  Im terrible at keeping such an exciting secret and most of our close friends and family know that we have been going through IVF. So I am now trying to avoid telling them that we are pregnant as my hubby thinks this will jinx the pregnancy like the others if we tell anyone… So I am now avoiding everyone so I don’t spill the beans “by accident”. Thank goodness for this blog, otherwise I might just burst!